The opportunities offered by the Waunakee Rotary Club were the spotlight of the June 7 meeting, with the four scholarship recipients giving a short presentation, and Harold Bautoud, the club’s exchange student, describing his year in Waunakee.
The club received 10 applications for four scholarships, each in the amount of $1,500. Eight were from Waunakee High School and two were from Edgewood High School.
The recipients spoke a little about the volunteer work they do along with their college plans.
Jade Barma, who graduated from Waunakee High School has been volunteering with the YWCA in Madison, working with women on equality issues and empowerment. She plans to attend University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.
Maria Hellenbrand, an Edgewood High School graduate, has volunteered with residents with Alzheimer’s at Homestead Assisted Living, spending time with them with various activities. She will attend Barnard College at Columbia University.
Ben Statz, a Waunakee High School graduate, has volunteered with the school’s Pay It Forward Club, helping with activities in the community and raising funds. He is also a member of the National Honors Society, helping with events. He will attend UW-Madison.
Another Waunakee High School graduate, Andrew Tietz, has volunteered at the Waunakee Area Senior Center washing dishes, and with the Waunakee Ecumenical Board helping with events such as the Easter baskets. He will attend Illinois Wesleyan University.
Harold Bautoud seems to have enjoyed his school year in Waunakee and says his English has certainly improved.
He left France Aug. 23, 2017, to come to the United States.
At the time, he said he was “really bad in English and didn’t know what to expect,” calling the day “stressful.”
But the year has left good memories, including a football season to celebrate, with the Warrior team winning the state championship game. Harold said he had a fun tailgating pancake breakfast the morning of the game.
He also traveled to Sanabel, Florida, where he did some fishing, and went camping at Gov. Dodge State Park and at Prairie du Chien.
He enjoyed other outdoor activities such as hunting in Stevens Point.
Other highlights were attending Badger football games, hockey games and a rodeo.
Coming from France, Harold said the food is really good in the U.S.
“Most of it is fried,” he observed, saying the change in diet pushed him to be more active.
Harold will be here another few weeks and invited Rotarians to get in touch with him if they need any odd jobs done, like babysitting or gardening, in the meantime.
The club also held club assembly, with reports as follows:
-New members are joining.
-The next exchange student, Jenny, will be arriving soon from Taiwan.
-Volunteers are needed to help sort school supplies at Bill Erickson’s house on June 13 at 5 p.m. The supplies will then be shipped to Honduras.
-The next fundraiser is WaunaFest.

Guests: Casey Koenig, guest of Taylor Endres; Troy Hellenbrand, Helen Hellenbrand, Mike Statz and Robert Tietz, guests of the club.
Visiting Rotarians: None.
Birthdays: June 18, Dan Statz; June 20, David May.
Anniversaries: June 15, Bob and Jody Pulvermacher;  June 16, Joe and Heather Olson.
Greeters: June 14, Tyler Knowles and Neil Kruschek; June 21, Nancy Kuehn-Thomas and Alan Langteig; June 28, Drew Lawrence and Kim Langfeld.