The Salvation Army has been helping families in the Madison area since it began here in 1890.
Since building its first shelter in 1977 and expanding its services two years later, the nonprofit has ensured that families have shelter.
Casey Yanta, housing service director, and Tara Barica, assistant director of social services, spoke to the Waunakee Rotary Club at the Aug. 12 meeting. The described the Salvation Army’s services, including providing school supplies, emergency shelter, rehousing and transitional housing, and funds to help with groceries or utility bills to keep families in their homes.
It also has the Holley House, an 8-bedroom house for single women, offering a transitional living program. Women can stay for up to two years while they work with case managers to transition into housing.
Medical, dental and mental health care are also available for the families.
In 2014, the RISE program was created to rehouse families. It’s served 116 households and has had  an 89.1 percent success rate, meaning those families found homes and did not return to the shelter. Other rehousing programs have also been successful.
In 2020, during COVID-19, the shelter transitioned, and families found temporary housing in hotels. In May, 35 families who were staying in hotels moved to a renovated nursing home.
The Salvation Army has future building plans. The existing East Washington Avenue building will be demolished with a new building planned,  and efficiency and one-bedroom apartments will be developed as part of a campus.
The Salvation Army raises funds through bell ringers with their Red Kettles you see in stores around Christmas time and in July. Casey and Tara said all the funds raised stay in Dane County.
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