One effort by Rotary International has put the organization on the map – and given it a seat at the United Nations table. 

As Rotary Clubs around the world have contributed to the polio eradication effort, it became a sort of trademark or brand Rotary International, according to Ed Futa the former General Secretary of Rotary International and the current Ambassador to the UN for Rotary International. 

A member of the Downtown Madison Rotary Club, Ed spoke to the Waunakee club at its March 21 meeting. 

He observed the Waunakee club to be vibrant, and said the success of Rotary International rests upon individual club members. He recalled sitting next to Bill Gates, Rotary International’s partner in the polio eradication effort, who called Rotary a “platinum partner” because of its 46,000 autonomous clubs in neighborhoods throughout the nation. 

“Bill Games and the foundation recognize the strength of our organization as community-based clubs,” Ed said. 

Ed related some of the Rotary’s history, dating back to the first club forming in Chicago, then the second in San Francisco. When the UN was being formed, Rotarians who worked in finance and who were attorneys volunteered time to sit on a committee that structured the UN’s bylaws. That led to Rotary International being granted a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) of the highest level. Rotary can send five representatives to the UN.

Ed recently attended an executive session focused on drinking water. The UN has 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, and it was found that achieving them all by 2030 will require $100 billion to help developing countries. One of the goals is to create partnerships among corporations and other organizations to close the gap. Ed volunteered Rotary’s help, he said. 




Other News: 

-The club voted Randy Guttenberg to receive the Business Person of the Year award. He will receive that award at the Community Awards Banquet on April 28.

-All Rotarians are invited to the Chamber of Commerce dinner April 4. The club is a Chamber member. 

-The steak fry will be June 12 at Drumlin Ridge Winery. That’s the annual passing of the torch from one president to the next. 


Guests: Brittni Ketter, guest of Chris Zellner; Eric Jochimsen, guest of David Weishoff. 


Visiting Rotarians: Shelley Moffatt, Kent Washington, and Ed Futa, Madison Downtown.


Birthdays: April 1, Ken Pesik;  April 2, Dan Evans.

Anniversaries: March 31, Drew and Lolly Lawrence


Greeters: March 28, David Kennedy and Jean Elvekrog; April 4, Chris Zellner and Kevin McDaniel; April 11, Todd Schmidt and crew; April 18, Tracy Graber and Shauna Hughey; April 25, ???


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