Thanks to the Madison Rotary Breakfast Club and the Los Altos Quetzaltenango club in Guatemala, portable libraries have been introduced in schools there, where space is lacking for more traditional school libraries. 

Gary Muldoon spoke to the Waunakee Club at the Nov. 10 meeting about the process of establishing those libraries. Rotarians might remember Gary from his last visit to the club, where he talked about the nonprofit organization he’s formed, Book Are Power.

He’s able to provide books for libraries through the Rotary Books for the World program, and has established libraries in Africa. 

In Guatemala, he began a water project with the UW Engineers without Borders, and a water system provides connection to 130 households and includes two tanks.

The Rotarians he was working with on that project had an idea for portable cabinet libraries for the school. Each has 400 books in Spanish and some bilingual books for English language learners. He has also provided laptops. White boards are also part of the libraries. 

Overlays or murals by Guatemalan artists are attached to cabinet doors, each unique to the communities. 

The cost of the libraries is about $5,000, but Gary said that’s coming down because of his ability to provide the books, computers and games. 

Gary asked that anyone with access to gently used bilingual books or in Spanish, and laptops, to consider donating them, or to be a sponsor for a future portable cabinet library. 



Other News:

-Only nine days were left until the Rotary Lights displays are lit. Ross Mauer said club members will be at Village Park finishing up and “really, really, really need more help.”

-The club honored members who are veterans for Veteran’s Day. Pat Durden said to also keep those on active duty in your thoughts Nov. 11. 

-Ross Mauer said he has talked to folks with dogs who are very excited about the solar light project at the dog park. 

-Jim Oughton from the DeForest club took orders for cheese boxes and poinsettias. 


Guests: Gary Muldoon, guest of the club; Matt Martinson, guest of Ellen Schaaf. 


Visiting Rotarians: Jim Oughton and Colin Robinson, DeForest Area Rotary Club. 


Birthdays: None.


Anniversaries: Nov. 22, Robert and Merrilee Sachtjen

Greeters: Nov. 17, Roberta Baumann and Joe Beck; Nov. 24: no meeting, Happy Thanksgiving!; Dec. 1, Tom Bertz and Scott Biba; Dec. 8, Connie Blau and Carol Bleifield; Dec. 15, Tony Burns and Paul Carderella; Dec. 22, Kathy Cefalu and Scott Cochems; Dec. 29, Tegan Counihan and John Cullen.