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When Chef Dave Heide’s first-born came along, he opened the Fitchburg restaurant, Lilliana’s, in her name. He did the same when his second child was born, opening Charlie’s. Then came John, and Chef Dave founded Little John’s, whose mission is to reduce food waste, increase food access with chef-quality meals and provide culinary training to military veterans. 

Chef Dave and Jennifer Zisser, Little John’s chief of operations, spoke about the organization during the June 16 Waunakee Rotary Club meeting. 

Dave said he conceived of Little John’s when he worked with another chef to provide a dinner for guests from grocery store excess food. He thought about 100 guests would show up; instead it drew 900. And when the food that was to be discarded from Metcalfe’s arrived, it was far more than they dreamed. Since its inception, Little John’s has saved hundreds of tons of food from entering landfills. 

That food is used to create meals for schools, food pantries, Meals on Wheels programs, homeless families living in Dane County hotels, and other facilities. Dave said by cooking on a large scale, he is able produce the meals more affordably with less manpower. 

Little John’s takes food from farms and warehouses, as well. 

They are now in the middle of a $10,000,000 capital campaign to build a commissary kitchen, with equipment to prepare tens of thousands of meals at a time. Dave also plans to open a pay-what-you-can restaurant, so that people of all income levels can enjoy quality meals together. He would like the meals he prepares at Lilliana’s and found at other establishments like that to be accessible to all. 

“It is an honor to bring good food to people who are down on their luck,” Dave said, adding the organization believes that food is love.

For more information, visit www.littlejohnskitchens.org.



Other News:

-President Ross Mauer presented Al Dassow with a Harris fellow. 

-The steak fry is coming up on the last Wednesday of June at Drumlin Ridge. Bid Ross goodbye as president and welcome Joe Baer, the incoming president.

-Phil said the senior picnic is coming back and will be on July 13.

-Carol Bleifield thanked all who donated money for her friend in Poland’s rescue efforts in Ukraine. Her friend has purchased tents, sleeping bags and first-aid kits. Now she is raising funds for an ambulance, since the Russians have destroyed most of the emergency vehicles. 


Guests: Keith Krinke, guest of Nick Mischler. 


Visiting Rotarians: None. 


Birthdays: June 28, Sara Whitley.


Anniversaries: June 25, David and Jessica Dargenio


Greeters: June 23, Neil Kruschek and Nancy Kuehn; June 30, Drew Lawrence and David May.