Waunakee’s varsity baseball team won its first WIAA state championship in the spring, but not without the support of the booster club and the community.
Head coach Spencer Lee and Tara Swalve of the booster club talked about how the program has been successful.
With a youth program involving 487 kids and 100 volunteer coaches, kids of all ages have a chance to play.
“If kids want to play in tournaments, they can play at different levels,” Spencer said.
During WaunaFest, the Grades 3-5 championship on Sunday is one of the highlights of the youth season.
Spencer talked about the high school program, where players on each of the teams have been successful.
Though Waunakee appeared to be the underdog, you wouldn’t have sensed it in the dugout, he said.
“They were probably the calmest I’ve ever seen, “Spencer said.
Sixteen players were healthy enough to play.
“All 16 got on the field and did something good for cause,” he said, each adding a positive contribution.
It was an exciting time for Waunakee High School graduates of all ages.
Tara Swalve is vice president of the Homerun boosters club and was part of Build on Tradition campaign launch.
She thanked the Waunakee Rotary Club for its $3,200 contribution and the community that has helped support upgrades to the dugout, along with new equipment such as batter’s eye screening, protective caps on caps on fences another improvements.
The first phase of the program has been completed, with dugouts now in place to keep players warm during cold, sleeting or snowing April days.
But the boosters are still plugging away at the program.
“Our ultimate goal is a scoreboard. We’re patient, and the boys are just happy to have what they have,” Tara said.
The greeters at the meeting introduced themselves. Dave Rupp just celebrated his birthday, and his two children’s birthdays are coming up. He’s been a Rotarian for five years, since he moved into the community.
Tom Roepke has lived in Waunakee 12 1/2 years and has been a Rotarian for four years. He and his wife, a para educator, have three children, and they’re looking forward to volleyball and soccer season.
Sue Halambeck, a District Governor nominee, presented a $2,750 grant for the aerators at the Waunakee Village Center Pond.
Having just finished a three-year term on the foundation, Sue said the 30 grant applications this year for $147,000 was unprecedented, and the committee had only $82,000 to match for 14 applications.
All the funding given to the foundation goes back to the districts for projects in their community. Waunakee Rotarians averaged $118 per member in contributions over the last fiscal year.

Other news:
-David Weishoff is getting ready to start the sign-up  list for the Rotary Lights volunteers.
-Jenny, the exchange student from Taiwan, has arrived, and has three families to stay with throughout the year.
-Rex Endres celebrated his 30th year in business. He figures he’s served 1,500 Rotary meals.
-President Mark McFarland thanked Phil Willems for updating the plaques.
-The Sept. 13 meeting will be at Endres Mfg. prior to Wauktoberfest for a tour. Phil has the sign-up sheet. Last year, about 40 Rotarians volunteered.
Guests: Spencer Lee and Tara Swalve, guest speakers; Jeff Kuehn, guest of Nancy Thomas; Tom Linder, guest of Roberta Baumann.
Visiting Rotarians: Emily Tucker, Rotary International.
Birthdays: Sept. 5, Gordy Meicher
Anniversaries: None.
Greeters: Aug. 30, Bob Sachtjen and Troy Salisbury; Sept. 6, Ellen Schaaf and Todd Schmidt; Sept. 13, Phil Simon and Dan Statz; Sept. 20, Harriet Statz and Ray Statz.