One of the club’s newer members, Jeff Smith, gave his classification talk at the Aug. 24 Waunakee Rotary meeting. Jeff grew up in Pardeeville, where his family owned businesses and his mother was a teacher. They were well liked and well known in the community. 

He and his wife Kathleen have lived in Waunakee for about the past 25 years and have two sons, one who earned a baseball scholarship to attend Michigan State University and is studying there, and another, 19-year-old Jake, who lives at home and does video editing.

Jeff described the process of adopting Jake from Ukraine, where his wife Kathleen, who works for the UW system, spent 36 days, and he spent 33 for the process. 

Jeff played sports in high school, including basketball and football. He attended Winona State University where he played football. 

Jeff has had a varied professional life, starting at about age 9 when he picked pickles all day long in the summer. He still hates cucumbers today. 

A salesperson for Toshiba in power generation, Jeff talked a bit about the power portfolio, noting 20% of electricity comes from solar and wind, with about 40% from gas, 20% from coal and 20% from nuclear sources. 

But Jeff has also worked as a financial planner, along with sales. 

He also founded the Caddyshack bar with a friend in Pardeeville when he was in his mid 20s, and owned it until recently. 

“I said, we’re missing an opportunity; we’re in every bar in the county, we may as well buy one,” he said. 

He said the bar has been a great asset in the community and follows a tradition in his family of owning businesses in Pardeeville. Finally, Jeff also developed a 26-home subdivision on 26 acres of land adjacent to a park. 

“I’ve always enjoyed keeping busy and doing things,” he said. 




Other News:

-Lori Derauf said the club will collect staple items of peanut butter and cereal for the Waunakee Food Pantry during each club assembly day. She’ll take them to the pantry. Just bring donations of 16-ounce jars of peanut butter and healthy, not-too-sugary cereals on club assembly days. 

-President Jennifer Tasker presented Mark McFarland and Bob Klostermann with Paul Harris fellows. 

The club inducted Craig Bauer and Jean Elvekrog. Welcome Craig and Jean!

-The club received a grant and is working with other clubs on a Books for the World project for a library in Guatemala. Games and toys are being collected to send there. If you have any gently used games in English and Spanish or not language oriented, like puzzles, chess, checkers, or jump ropes, bring them to a meeting in the next couple of weeks. 

-The club is beginning to seek sponsors for the Rotary Lights magazine. Let President Jennifer Tasker know if you can help follow up with businesses. The goal is $40,000 this year to help cover the increase in printing costs. 

-The club’s exchange student is now en route from Mexico and will stay with Todd and Tanya Schmidt and family for her first three months. Look forward to meeting Brisa!


Upcoming Events

-Aug. 28 - Waunakee Big Band at Village Park, 6-7:30 p.m.

-Sept. 9 - Heritage Fest at Schumacher Farm

-Sept. 14-14 - Wauktoberfest

-Oct. 8 - Food for Kidz


Guests: Gene Smith, guest of Mick Holm; Sheri Birchler, guest of Ellen Schaaf; Dennis Moon, guest of Kevin McDaniel.

Visiting Rotarians: 


Birthdays: None.


Anniversaries: None


Aug 31, Sarah Bonk and Tony Burns; Sept. 7, Paul Cardarella and Scott Cochems; Sept. 14, John Cullen and David Dargenio; Sept. 21, Allan Dassow and Lori Derauf; Sept, 28, Patrick Durden and Fritz Durst .