What began in 2014 as a smaller sized contract brewery with six employees in Waunakee will soon be 500,000 square feet with 200 employees. 


Isaac Showaki, co-owner of Octopi Brewing, spoke about the company during the Aug. 4 Rotary Club meeting. 

The facility began as a contract brewery mainly for beer, but as Isaac observed the industry changing, he began diversifying the business into a beverage producer and packaging company. Octopi now has some of the largest breweries and beverage companies in the world as clients throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. It produces and packages cocktails, sodas, seltzers, along with beer. Today, beer makes up just 20 percent of the company’s production. 

Octopi is regarded as an innovative engine, with large scale production capabilities, Isaac said. It is considered a mid-sized co-packager, and once the new facility is complete, will produce 1 million barrels per year. 

It can produce expensive beverages and ship across state lines. The equipment is flexible, and is able to produce non-alcoholic beer. The experienced management team also understands the market and the trends. 

Octopi also produces its own beer label, Untitled Art, an ultra-premium beer that has attracted other brewers, Isaac said. 

As the brewery has grown, so has the taproom. It began with just a bar, and then pizza was added to the menu. That was followed by a food truck, and now a full kitchen. 

The new, 200,000-square-foot building across the street from the brewery will be operational Sept. 6, Isaac said. Octopi will have two canning lines once the new facility is complete and will be capable of producing 400 cans per minute. It can also package different sizes of cans and variety packages. 

The company also works with other local companies. The equipment is manufactured in Germany but the headquarters are in Wisconsin. Hellenbrand Water provided the water system, and Endres Manufacturing, the steel for the new buildings. The grain is from Chilton, Wisconsin. 




Other News

-Roger Kovacynik brought a Ukrainian flag to the meeting. He lived in Chernobyl for many years where he was a Rotarian and said the people are thankful for our support. 

-Jim Elvkrog said 27 boxes of books were taken to the Rotary Books for the World. More help is needed packaging them for shipping on Saturday morning. If you’re interested, talk to Jim.

-The WaunaFest Raffle winners were announced. They were Keith Beam of Sauk City, Dolly Whitney of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and our own Tom Bertz. Congratulations to the winners!

-A sign-up sheet was passed around for the Betty Lou Cruise. 


Guests: Mark Meinholz, guest of Bob Klosterman; Isaac Showaki, guest of the club; Tony Burns, guest of Paul Carderella. 


Visiting Rotarians: Roger Kovacynik, Kiev, Ukraine Rotary Club. 


Birthdays: Aug. 11, Corey Randl; Aug. 12, Scott Cochems; Aug. 13, Kathy Cefalu; Aug. 13, Chris Zellner; Aug. 16. Nicholas Petrulis.


Anniversaries: Aug. 13, Danny and Yvonne Paul; Aug. 13, Chris and Amie Zellner; Aug. 14, Randy and Amy Guttenberg; Aug. 16, Kevin and Kathy Kearney


Greeters: Aug. 11, Corey Randl and Thomas Roepke; Aug. 18, David Rupp and Troy Salisbury; Aug. 25, Ellen Schaaf and Todd Schmidt.