Waunakee Rotarians have access to three different websites, all with different purposes. At the Jan. 12 meeting, President Joe Baer, President Elect Jennifer Tasker and Paul Carderella explained a little more about how they’re used in a presentation titled “Rotary & Technology: Guide to being a Rotarian in the 21st Century.”

We can log into WaunakeeRotary.org, the public facing site for the club, and from there log into Clubrunner by clicking on the Member Area. WaunakeeRotary.org has information about the club, the most recent newsletter, and other information community members may be looking for. 

Clubrunner is for members, allowing them to do things like update member profile information (under My Clubrunner) or pay quarterly dues.

Emails to fellow members can also be written and sent. You can also find the Rotary Board of Directors meeting minutes under documents, along with financial statements and donations. 

MyRotary.org is the international website. Changes to a member profile in Clubrunner are not made in MyRotary.org, so you’ll need to make them there, too. 

MyRotary.org is the site Jennifer uses to look up meeting information, so when she’s traveling, she can check out a different club’s meeting. If you do attend a club meeting, say in Paris, you can bring a receipt home, present it to the treasurer, and have the meal in Waunakee deducted from your dues. 

MyRotary.com also has a Brand Center where logos can be downloaded for projects. You can also access an autopay service for donations through the site. 

Jennifer said the board will begin to work on providing an updated calendar all on one spot online for the members.

Treasurer Jim Elvekrog said as a board and club, we should try to keep the website up to date. 



Other News:

-Rotary Lights are down. 

-Happy hours are taking place each week in different locations on Thursdays starting at 4 p.m. Watch your email box to see where Rotarians will be each week. 

Guests: Dan Dolbeau, David Harkins, guest of Scott Biba. 

Visiting Rotarians: None.

Birthdays: None

Anniversaries: None

Greeters: Jan. 19, Jim Elvekrog and Taylor Endres; Jan. 26, Danial Evans and Greg Garton; Feb. 2, Tracy Graber and Dean Grosskopf.  


Next week’s speaker: Retired Waunakee High School health teacher Alyson Schaefer and member of the human trafficking prevention organization Global1 Inspiration board of directors about the impact of human trafficking.