The Waunakee Rotary Club held its club assembly, allowing committee chairs to report on their projects.
For fundraising, Phil Willems said he is close to preparing the totals for the Rotary Lights project and should have them by the end of the month to report.
The upcoming fundraiser is the Super Raffle. Also, while not a fundraiser, the Senior Picnic event is in need of chair. Let Phil know if you’re interested.
Linda Olson from the international committee said the grant management seminar is coming up. In order to qualify for matching grants, each club needs a member to attend one of these. Linda and Leonard Allen will be at the seminar, but Linda can’t apply for grants because she helps administer them.
Also, Jan. 22 is the Madison area star program, an orientation for new members with the club two years or less. The program will be on Rotary’s international impact, and it will be at the Waunakee Village Center.
For community service, Susan Vergeront thanked the club for sponsoring the Feb. 8 Better Angels Skills Workshop at the library.
The youth and vocational committee is still waiting for hear if the club will host a student next year, but is working to find host families.
That committee is also organizing students to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership (RYLA) event and the World Affairs seminar.
The programs and public relations committee has speakers lined up through the end of April. Next week, Gerry Schmitt with KL Engineering will talk about the Hwy. M project.
Other News:
–The club’s board of directors voted to donate $500 to WaunaBoom, reported Taylor Endres, club president. Taylor also thanked all of the volunteers who worked on the Rotary Lights project, including Phil Willems and Jim Kattner.
-The Easter Egg Hunt will be held on April 4, and the senior picnic is July 8. The Rotary club elections will be Jan. 30.

Guests: None.
Birthdays: Jan. 18, Rich Harris.
Anniversaries: None.
Programs: Jan. 16: Gerry Schmitt, KL Engineering, Hwy. M project; Jan. 23, Christine Benedict, Girls on the Run; Jan. 30, Maria Woldt, Yahara Pride Farms; Feb. 6, Gregory Lee Renz, author of “Beneath the Flames.”
Greeters: Jan. 16, Ryan Knight and Neil Kruschek; Jan. 23, Nancy Kuehn-Thomas and Alan Langeteig; Jan. 30, Drew Lawrence and Kim Lengfeld.