When homeowners experience phenomenon they can’t explain like apparitions or voices, they often call Paranormal Wisconsin.
Jason Bertram of Paranormal Wisconsin talked about some of his experiences working with clients who have encountered ghosts in their homes or businesses.
Jason, a Waunakee resident, is a retired City of Sun Prairie police officer. His police career ended when an underage driver collided with his squad car and he suffered a severe back injury. He spent several years afterwards in hibernation until a fellow officer and friend asked him what he’d like to do. He said he’d like to hunt ghosts.
The two former officers, along with Jason’s wife, Michelle, daughter Candice, and another team member then formed the nonprofit Paranormal Wisconsin and for just over 10 years, have investigated sightings of ghosts or spirits.
The first thing they do is try to debunk the notion that a ghost is actually present. They’ve encountered everything from doors slamming to thing being thrown around.
Of course, these could be caused by anything, such a raccoon in an attic.
Using a battery of equipment, they look for evidence.
Jason talked about a number of cases and showed video of the sightings believed to be caused by spirits.
During one in Sun Prairie, they caught on tape mumbling. In another case in the United Kingdom, a video was sent to them of an apparition above a child’s crib waking the child up.
Using what Jason called a ghost box that can pick up sounds the human ear cannot, they captured the voice of a child.
Another investigation involved a man’s spirit haunting a woman. The spirit would actually get into bed with the woman, Jason said.
A thermal imager also caught an image of person in a locker.
At the Mont Rest Inn in Bellevue, Iowa, Jason was scratched by a ghost in the middle of the night, he said.
Another image Jason and Candice showed was taken by a nurse in an intensive care unit in Beloit. She was with two children whose grandfather was dying. The image clearly shows a shadow like figure of a boy.
Jason said the work takes the team traveling all over, including to Iowa and other locations within Wisconsin. The cases can take several months and even years to investigate, he said.
Guests: Jason Bertram and Candice Bertram (speakers).
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