When Tonya Schmidt talks about her boss, Lori Berquam, she stresses that Lori has a big heart.
That heart was evident during the UW-Madison Dean of Student’s talk at the July 13 Waunakee Rotary meeting.
With a 30-year career in student affairs, Lori has worn the Dean of Students’ hat at the UW for the past 10, and people often ask her what’s changed in campus life.
Lori said every summer, more than 7,000 students and their families come to campus for the university’s SOAR program, and she asks students, “Are you ready?”
We all face challenges and transitions in life that we may not be ready for, Lori said, adding that she was not ready to be diagnosed with breast cancer. We also may not be ready for changes in  our own health or jobs.
But what has changed in campus life is the influence of social media, Lori said. Showing the thumbs-up Facebook icon for “like,” she said social media has had a huge impact on students. It allows them to communicate without social conversation. Conversations and social interaction are sometimes lost.
So, Lori came up with her own acronym for LIKE – Listen, Inclusivity, Kindness and Effort.
Listening means actually pausing to take in what the other person is saying without waiting to reply.
Inclusivity helps to build teams and to build a community into a welcoming place. Being inclusive means you welcome others, and Lori said we are better for all of the people we’ve met and interacted with. It means giving value to every human being, no matter how different that person is from you.
And kindness is being able to reach out to others. It has a huge impact even though it requires some effort, Lori said. She invited each club member to ask themselves how they can do one act of kindness after they leave the meeting.
Finally, effort is taking the time to be kind.
“I believe there is reward in the effort you expend. It does create a community that is more kind,” Lori said.
Lori said as students come to campus, she knows they’re not ready. It’s a transition in their lives, and often, we’re not ready for those changes.
Lori said she is an advocate for the student body, and much of her time is spent working on sexual violence on campus, trying to address the drinking culture and other student issues.
“I hope what I’m doing is shaping our students to be global citizens of the world,” Lori said.
Other News:
–The club’s board of directors voted to make several donations at its July meeting. They include $500 to Girls on the Run, $250 to Boy Scouts, $250 to Girl Scouts, and $400 to the Chalk Walk, President Jim Kattner said.
–Club members will be working on the new light display at the city garage July 22 and July 23. Look for an invitation to come help on Club Runner.
–Jim also thanked those who helped organize the successful senior citizens picnic Wednesday. Phil Willems said Bob Pulvermacher, who has headed that up for many years, will hand the reins over to another member.
–Club members will meet at Bill Erickson's home on July 20 to sort school supplies.
Guests: Tonya Schmidt, guest of Todd Schmidt; Ophelia Whitley, guest of Sara Whitley; Breck Dokken, proposed member; Virginia Roth, guest of Harriet Statz.
Visiting Rotarians: None.  
Birthdays: July 21, Travis Heiser; July 25, Jim Schmitz; July 26, Erick Plumb.
Anniversaries: None.
Greeters: July 20, Taylor Endres and Gary Epping; July 27, Bill Erickson and Dan Evans;  Aug. 3, Allison Feldbruegge and Greg Garton.