The last newsletter I penned for the Waunakee Rotary Club was on March 12, just before the coronavirus pandemic shut down schools, businesses and life as we knew it.
For the next several weeks, Rotary meetings did not occur. Then some webinars, which were recorded and available online, were organized. There seemed to be little need for a newsletter when members could simply watch the webinar at their convenience and catch up on the speaker and any club news.
On July 2, President Tom Kennedy convened his first meeting as a club assembly and spoke of the need to find ways to keep Rotary viable. This newsletter may be a way to reengage members who don’t participate in the Zoom meetings, but wish to maintain their connection with Rotary.
I encourage you all to stay tuned for Tom’s emails about our virtual weekly meetings, and make an effort to attend. Todd Schmidt lines up interesting speakers, and seeing all of your wonderful faces again – even on a screen – always brightens my Thursdays.
–Roberta Baumann
The Waunakee Rotary Club met via Zoom July 2 for club assembly to hear the work of the committees.
Tom Kennedy, at his first meeting as club president, spoke of four things to think about.
First, we should celebrate our accomplishment locally, such as the Rotary Walk at Village Center Pond, Rotary Lights, Senior Citizen picnic and more. And globally, our accomplishments include RYLA, the youth exchange, Food for Kidz and SOAR Kenya.
Second, we will have to find ways in 2020 to fundraise and keep the club viable. The club will be working on replacing the old pier at the Village Center Pond and its involvement in the village’s sesquicentennial.
Also, we should also focus efforts on sharing Rotary with neighbors and rest of the world. The pandemic will change the way we do some things, so please be ready to give.
Tom also acknowledged past president Taylor Endres for his service, along with retiring members Randy Guttenberg and Bob Sachtjen. Erick Plumb is retiring from recording the board meetings and this will be done by Jim Elvekrog.
From the international committee, Mick Holm updated the club about SOAR Kenya Academy, first noting the past projects at the school, such as the water project which allowed existing wells to be used in 2018, and a drip irrigation system for the crops grown there in 2016. That year, multiple clubs partnered on a $30,000 grant, and a van was also purchased to transport extra produce to market and provide transportation.
Mick said this year, a monetary donations could be made, noting the academy is in desperate need of financial help.
Jim Elvekrog said the vocational committee is working with Graber Mfg. to offer the club a tour with a social at Octopi afterwards in October.
Phil Willems for fundraising reported that Foundation will be headed by Pat Durden. Also, the Senior Picnic is Wednesday, and members are needed to help from about 9-10 a.m. with a social at 1 p.m. Lunches will be packaged and picked up at the Village Center.
John Cullen serves on the membership committee that Bob Pulvermacher chaired. Bob passed away, and a new chair needed, John said.
Todd Schmidt from meetings and publicity said the committee is doing its best to bring in speakers on Zoom. About 15 members have been attending. He is open to speaker ideas and other approaches.
Other News:
-There was a discussion on how to continue to support Rex, now that the club is no longer meeting there for lunch.
-The club had a moment of silence in honor of Bob Pulvermacher, who has passed away. His memorial is July 11 at noon at Rex’s
Birthdays: July 10, Peggy Acker-Farber; July 10, Shelly Moffatt.
Anniversaries: July 9, David and Erica Weishoff;  July 10, Gordy and Kris Meicher.
Programs: ?? Stay tuned!