How we celebrate the end of live has changed over the years, but the need to plan ahead remains.
At the July 2 Waunakee Rotary Club meeting, Nickie Gard and Pete Gunderson of Gunderson Funeral Home talked about their industry.
Gunderson Funeral Home will mark its 100th year in 2022. Pete said his grandparents began the business in a Norwegian section of Schenk’s Corners in Madison. He is the third generation, and with his son and nephew on board, the business is poised for the fourth generation.
Much has changed over the 100 year, including the expectations in how we celebrate a life that’s been lived. That can mean different things to different people. For that reason, prearranging your funeral can help loved ones by giving them the sense that they are carrying out your wishes.
Wisconsin law provides a way for residents to pay for funeral ahead of time. The funds are placed in a trust and grow over time as they would in a bank account. Also, the trust, held by an insurance company, is portable, and  in Wisconsin, moving it from one location to the other carries no penalty.
Nickie is the funeral preplanner at Gunderson and said she is passionate about the industry she has worked in since 2014. Her goal is to help families put together a road map for “what is going to be one of the hardest things in life,” she said.
Planning a funeral is easier to do when families aren’t grieving. But, Nickie said Gunderson offers full services, including grief support to help families.
Other news:
-A sign-up sheet circulated for the senior picnic on July 14. It will be at the Waunakee Village Center.
-The Youth Exchange Committee is seeking a new Youth Exchange Officer. Scott Biba will continue with the committee as the Youth Exchange Counselor and Youth Protection Officer, but someone is needed to help ensure deadlines are met, fees are paid, to meet with host families, compile monthly reports, manage rides to places and events, attend trainings and more. He said it’s a lot of work but it’s very rewarding being with the kids during their life-changing experience.
-Live from the Park is Tuesday. Join the club at the Village Park Gazebo when Mark Croft plays. Bob Klostermann will send emails reminding member of the event, so they want to enjoy live music together each week.
-Club members will receive an email via survey monkey asking which club committee they would like to serve on.
Guests: Nicki Gard
Visiting Rotarians: Pete Gunderson and Tom Bertz
Birthdays: July 10, Peggy Acker-Farber.
Anniversaries: June 12, David and Sue Hogg.
Greeters: July 8, Scott Cochems and David Dargenio; July 15, Al Dassow and Lori Derauf; July 22, Pat Durden and Fritz Durst; July 29, Jim Elvekrog and Daniel Evans.