Warrior Media, a student-run program to video and air Warrior sports events and photograph them, is looking to expand. As part of a marketing apprenticeship, Waunakee students are now looking for business and corporate sponsorships to fund the growing Warrior Media enterprise. 

Kendall Haviland, Sebastian Rasmussen and Mauro Gonzalez, three Waunakee High School seniors, spoke about Warrior Media and new sponsorship opportunities to the Waunakee Rotary Club May 9. 

The marketing apprenticeship program is relatively new, Waunakee school district Superintendent Randy Guttenberg explained to the Rotarians, noting that the district has had apprenticeships in agriculture, the trades and biotechnology. Michelle McGlynn, who coordinates the apprenticeship program, is seeing an interest in marketing. It’s a whole new area with students looking at how they can market things at school, Randy said. 

Sebastian explained that the Warrior Media sponsorship program will allow the district to partner with the business community, helping to bridge the gap.

As Mauro explained, the school’s media program grew out of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the district sought a way to allow families and relatives to watch their children play sports while under quarantine. Students began to video the games and show them on YouTube channels.

The presence has expanded exponentially, from more than 31,000 views in the first year to up to 222,000 this year. 

Now 30 students are involved in Warrior Media, which has reached viewers in 50 states, 2 U.S. Territories and 42 countries, Mauro said. 

Many sports are live streamed and others are photographed, with the intent to live stream them all in the future. 

The marketing apprentice students noted that the intent is to grow the program, which pays the students for their work while they earn credits. Revenue from sponsorships would pay for the cost of new equipment and payroll. 

The students researched how other districts sell marketing programs with a number of different options available. 

They created a package with a number of different levels of sponsorship ranging from $100 to $25,000 , including livestream advertising, a video board, social media, and others. 

Kendall noted that Warrior Media is almost entirely student run, and has presented the students with a variety of opportunities, including working with the Mallards and for college media programs. 

“Not many schools do what we do at the level that we do,” Kendall said. 


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