The coronavirus has been full of tragedies, but through all the darkness are some glimmers of light.
For dogs in need of rescue, this pandemic time has been a blessing as people are home more with time to take in a companion
Julie Stover, who provides public relations for the dog rescue group Fetch, spoke at the Nov. 19 Waunakee Rotary virtual meeting. Stover said this past year, the organization has rescued and found homes for more dogs than ever, 600 so far.
Julie began to work for Fetch Wisconsin after adopting her own dog, Noodles, through the organization. She said Noodles had a rough life before and needed a surgery. He was from Louisiana. Fetch arranged for Noodles to get the veterinary care needed, and when Julie saw the dog on their website, she adopted her. That was two years ago, and as Julie said, Noodles is “super happy and thriving.”
Fetch is a 100% volunteer operation founded in 2013. Since then, it has rescued over 3,000 dogs. Unlike the Humane Society, it does not have a shelter, so families are found to foster the dogs. The volunteers also transport the animals and ensure the dogs receive veterinary care prior to adoption.
Once the dogs are healthy, Fetch helps with the adoption process, taking photos of them and writing their story to post on the website.
Those wishing to adopt a dog apply on their website and are screened online. If the dog is a good fit, it can be adopted.
Fetch rescues dogs that have lost their homes due to natural disasters, such as wildfires or hurricanes, or if they are surrendered.
While Fetch has adopted out 600 dogs this year, the organization has lost some of its funding sources. Julie normally plans events such as its 5K run and fundraisers at Octopi and other breweries, but those have been canceled this year.
Currently, a fall donation drive is on and soon a winter one will start.
Julie said they are always looking for volunteers to help with fostering and transporting dogs. And of course, the dogs are always looking for forever homes.
To learn more about all of the opportunities, visit the website

In Other News:
-Congratulations to Nick Mischler on being named a Paul Harris Fellow.  

-President Tom Kennedy informed the club that a $250 donation has been made toward Sunday’s Peace Walk. It will be at the Waunakee Village Center and then Village Park and coincide with the Rotary Lights illumination.

-Tom sent some links from Rotary International about racial diversity and said they are good for checking out our own racial biases.

-The logo contest ends Nov. 20 so make sure to get entries.

-Also ending is the Monona Madison East cheese sale. Talk to Tom if you’d like an order form.

- Giving Tuesday Day is Dec. 1.

-Phil Willems will be tapping volunteers to help deliver emergency meals for senior citizens.

-Linda Olson will begin posting information on Facebook on how to donate virtually to the Rotary in Lights. Be sure to like and share her posts.

-Happy Thanksgiving! See you all again Dec. 3.
Birthdays: Dec. 6, Bud Zander; Dec. 8, Roberta Baumann.
Anniversaries: Dec. 3, Jim and Kathy Kattner.