If a natural disaster, such as flood, were to destroy your office, would your business continue to operate smoothly? 

Ted Bliefuss helps business owners prepare for such disasters, both natural and man-made, with business continuity programs and disaster recovery plans.

Ted spoke to the Waunakee Rotary Club about the importance of such plans, along with the process of getting these in place. 

Most businesses do not have a business continuity plan until something happens, and sometimes that’s too late. One in four businesses never reopen once a natural disaster disrupts the operation. 

The first step is to analyze the assets – the IT, client and vendor lists, and more. Also, analyzing risk tolerance is important. How long can your business withstand closing during disaster recovery?

Also, analyze the risks themselves and the likelihood. What would the impacts be on the people, the property and the operation?

Then what are the critical processes to stay in business? 

The goal is to create strategies to mitigate threats and provide for a more resilient and sustainable future. 

Ted laid out six steps to creating a business continuity plan, including analyzing the plans currently in place, the threat or risks and the impact on the business. Next, train staff on the plan and test it before putting it in place. 

Testing the plan on a continual basis, every six months or annually, will help keep it updated in the event of organizational changes. 


Other News: 

-President Jennifer Tasker took Brisa, the Rotary Exchange student, to the Queen concert. They had a blast, and it will definitely be something Brisa remembers for the rest of her life. She was extremely grateful to the club for providing the ticket. Thanks for taking her, Jennifer. 

-Club members are working on getting the Rotary Lights display up and will continue Saturday starting around 9 a.m.

-Jennifer urged club members to sign up for a Rotary Lights shift greeting visitors at the Village Park entrance. 

-A Bunco event is planned for Nov. 13 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Rex's Innkeeper.

-A Rotary Works networking event is planed at 1 p.m. Nov. 16 after the meeting. 

-The Chamber of Commerce open house is Dec. 7.

-The Chamber of Commerce Holiday Light Parade is Dec. 1. 

-Next week’s speaker will be our own Lisa Humenik, who is now director of United Way of Wisconsin and will talk about that organization. 

Guests: Ted Bliefuss

Visiting Rotarians: None

Birthdays:  Nov. 10, Troy Salisbury;  Nov. 10, Liz Mueller

Anniversaries: None

Greeters: Nov. 9: Gabriell Hamele, Sara Whitley and Randy Guttenberg; Nov. 16, Tom Kennedy and Troy Salisbury; Nov. 23, Thanksgiving, no meeting; Nov. 30, Jean Evekrog and Roberta Baumann.

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