If you’re dreading a task, such as a report for work, or are stumped with a problem, the solutions may be easier than you think.
Judith Joy, author of “Let Your Inner Employee Work for You,” explained just how during her talk at the Waunakee Rotary Club’s virtual meeting Sept. 10.
In introducing herself, Judith said, “I make stuff happen.”
She explained how she works with the laws of attraction to change things in her life.  
When we are feeling better, we can find our power, Judith said. Once we feel peace, joy, and happiness, we have the energy to get those tasks in our lives done and solve those problems.
Much of has to do with our own approach. Instead of approaching a report for work or a problem with dread, we can be grateful, say, for our job and other parts of our lives. We can practice this before bedtime, so that our subconscious can begin the work during sleep.
“Things will fall in your lap if you let your inner employee do the work for you,” Judith said, adding that happens when we are grateful, patient and nice.
“What you don’t want to do is, you don’t want to put yourself under stress,” she added.
Judith said we can also be pre-grateful, grateful for something before it happens or grateful for the miraculous outcome of things that are yet to happen.
Judith is also the author of “Dear Future Lover,” a book about how she attracted her husband. Fourteen months before she wrote the book, she wrote in a journal at bedtime, and in it she wrote to this future husband before she had met him, recording their imagined conversations.
After she met the man she married, she found the journal during a cleaning frenzy, she said, and realized he was exactly the person she had manifested. Each chapter is a principal of the laws of attraction and how it can manifest itself.
In addition to writing books, Judith teaches workshops on how to manifest your dreams and wishes. She is also starting a writing club.
Other News:
-Despite our virtual meeting, we had guests! Todd Schmidt invited Angie Ramos and Jennifer Tasker, both of whom are prospective members.
Angie has lived in Waunakee since 2013. Originally from Columbia, she came to the United States to improve her English. She recently took the position of liaison, translator and coordinator for the Waunakee school district. She has two daughters, ages 10 and 2.
Jennifer is working on the village and Chamber’s promotional campaign to keep Waunakee businesses surviving. She grew up in Racine, then attended UW-Madison. Afterwards, she spent two years in Beijing where she met her husband, who is from Australia. She then moved there, and her family recently moved to Waunakee.
Todd said after the last meeting, he reached out to these two whom he has come to know and invited them as guests. Now that meetings are virtual, it’s easier for folks to attend.
Birthdays: Sept. 17, Dan Miller; Sept. 19, Neil Kruschek; Sept. 22, Mike Ableidinger; Sept. 23, Chris Kenney.
Anniversaries: Sept. 17, Ken and Mary Pesik; Sept. 20, Neil and Sharon Kruschek; Sept. 22, Rex and Brenda Endres.