You know how sometimes, when a ray of sun shines through a window and you can see particulates in the air?

Well, according to Nick Agopian, those particles are pretty unhealthy and can promote strokes, heart attacks and Alzheimer’s. 

Nick spoke to the Waunakee Rotary Club about the importance of ventilation at the Sept. 8 meeting. A salesperson for RenewAire, Nick has done extensive research into ventilation and healthy air quality. 

In the United States, when homes are built to code, they meet the minimum requirements for ventilation. In the 1900s, structures were built with just 50 materials, but today they’re built with 55,000 materials, many of which are engineered and emit gasses. We spend 89% of our lives in indoor settings where aerosols are used, along with other products that leave behind CO2 and other chemical compounds. Even making toast can release harmful air particles, Nick said. 

Furnace filters are also a concern, and soon in California, only upgraded filters will be allowed. 

Chemical compounds are also released in laundry rooms. 

Ventilation has become increasingly important since the pandemic, as good ventilation can prevent the spread of air particles containing the virus. Good ventilation systems bring in air from the outside and temper it to reduce the concentration of chemicals, Nick said. 

Nick noted that the building codes are changing. He noted that balanced ventilation will increase your life expectancy.



Other News

-Jennifer Tasker said the club is revamping its Rotary Lights brochure. Businesses have been contacted with advertising opportunities. Members are needed to follow up with sales calls. Contact Jennifer if you can help. 

-Ken Pesik said the Wauktoberfest bourbon tasting was a success. Beer servers are needed on Saturday, Sept. 17, at the festival. 

-Ken also gave an update on the solar lights project at the dog park. 


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Birthdays: Sept. 19, Neil Kruschek; Sept. 21, David Kennedy.


Anniversaries: Sept. 15, Rich and Donna Murphy; Sept. 17, Ken and Mary Pesik; Sept. 20, Neil and Sharon Kruschek.

Greeters: Sept. 15, Don Tierney and Bret Toftness; Sept, 22, Jon Townley and Max Ujdak; Sept. 29, Susan Vergeront and Ryan Walsh.