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The duties of all committees shall be established and reviewed by the President-Elect for the upcoming year.  In declaring the duties of each, the President-Elect shall reference appropriate RI materials and the Avenues of Service requirements when developing plans for the upcoming year.  Each committee shall have a specific mandate, clearly defined goals, and action plans established by the beginning of each new fiscal year for implementation during the course of the upcoming fiscal year.  It shall be the primary responsibility of the President-Elect to provide the necessary leadership to prepare recommendations for Club committees, mandates, goals, and plans for presentation to the Board in advance of the start of the new fiscal year.  Each committee chair shall report to an assigned Director on a monthly basis, preferably just prior to scheduled Board meetings, in order to keep the Board informed of committee activities and to act on requests if needed.
Standing committees shall be appointed as follows:
This committee shall develop and implement a comprehensive plan for the recruitment, induction, orientation, development and retention of new members. 
  • Youth & Vocational Committee
This committee shall guide and assist in sponsoring Rotary Youth Exchange students, various Club youth programs, and support Rotary’s objective of using one’s vocational expertise for service to others.
  • Community Service Committee
This committee shall plan and organize community service projects and events to benefit and help bring the community together.
  • Fund Raising Committee
This committee shall plan and implement the Club’s fund raising efforts.  This committee will formulate a Plan of Action to accomplish the necessary fund raising efforts to support the Club’s budget of income and expenses. 
  • International Committee
This committee shall be responsible for grant management, suggesting and implementing international service projects and providing hospitality to international visitors.  This committee is also charged with bringing awareness to the club regarding the Waunakee Rotary Foundation and the Rotary International Foundation.
  • Meetings & Public Relations Committee
This committee is responsible for organizing Club meetings and for securing and organizing the weekly speakers, and for raising public awareness of the good works of Rotary International and the Waunakee Rotary Club  
  • Fellowship Committee
This committee is responsible for planning and implementing Club outings and social events which are offered to Club members, their families and guests.
Additional ad hoc committees and sub-committees shall be appointed by the President as needed.
The Club President shall be an ex officio member of all committees and, as such, shall have all the privileges of membership thereon.  Each committee shall transact its business as is delegated to it in these bylaws and such additional business as may be referred to it by the President or the Board.  Except where special authority is given by the Board, such committees shall not undertake projects until a report has been made and approved by the Board.  Each Chair shall be responsible for the activities of the committee, shall supervise and coordinate the work of any sub-committees that may be appointed for particular phases of the committee’s service, and shall report monthly to the Board through their designated Director on all committee activities.