If we learned anything from the Dec. 30 Rotary meeting, it was that robots can collect as many donations as human beings.
On Dec. 25, when a robot staffed the Rotary in Lights display, it took in $2,700, the most of any night, Phil Willems of the fundraising committee reported during club assembly. That total sure beat Christmas Eve, the slowest fundraising night this season. Phil said no one wanted to try to view the lights through the thick fog.
Phil said if you see candy canes on sale, buy some or let him know where you see them. They can be stored in a cool, dry place to be given out at next year’s Rotary in Lights event.
The lights will be turned off after New Year’s Eve, then go on again for Dec. 6, when Hispanic cultures celebrate Three Kings Day, said Lisa Humenik of the international committee. That’s the day when Hispanic people give gifts. The Village Center will serve Three Kings Cake and have hot cocoa available that evening.
Then on Jan. 7, the lights will begin to come down. The big take-down day is Jan. 8, Jim Kattner said.
For community service, Ken Pesik reported that the committee is vetting ideas for projects to celebrate the club’s 50th anniversary in 2023. The idea is to spend $50,000 on a standalone project for the Waunakee community. They are taking donations, as well. They committee expects to choose a project in the first quarter of 2022.
The youth and vocational committee is getting word out about the high school scholarships. Applications are due April 7, Bob Arntz said. Harriet Statz added that the committee is laying the groundwork for some kind of youth exchange.
Happy New Year everyone: Best wishes for 2022.
Guests: Dan Ujdak
Visiting Rotarians: None.
 Other news:
 -The Christmas Party is Jan. 13 at Rex’s. A sign-up sheet was circulated, or you can RSVP online.
Birthdays: Jan. 8, Randy Guttenberg; Jan. 10, Taylor Endres; Jan. 11, Greg Garton.
Anniversaries: Jan. 9, Chris and Lynn Kenney
Greeters: Jan. 6, Don Tierney and Susan Vergeront; Jan. 13, Ryan Walsh and Sean Wayne; Jan. 20, David Weishoff and Alex Welk; Jan. 27, Sarah Whitley and Phil Willems.