The Waunakee Rotary Club members reflected on their place in Rotary and Rotary’s place in the world as Karen Hebert, District 6250 Governor, spoke at the Oct. 7 meeting.
Karen asked the members, if Rotary’s mission – providing service to others, promoting integrity and world peace – is theirs? The values are fellowship, leadership, integrity, diversity and service, and the extent to which those values resonate with members is the extent of their services.
Karen offered several invitations to the members, including “each one, bring one,” encouraging them to share Rotary life with others generously. Service can take many shapes, she said. It can be gung-ho or quiet, and it encourages others to join in. As we invite others to join, Karen said we should just make the invitation and not try to control the outcome.
She also invited club members to grow more and do more, particularly as clubs propose global grant requests. It’s very likely that the end of polio will be declared by 2026, so Karen encouraged members to give what they can, so they can feel proud when that day comes.
Rotary’s vision is a collective vision, Karen said, and collaboration is key. Rotary first began to collaborate on polio collaboration and afterwards, the WHO joined the initiative. Karen said last year, Africa was declared polio-free. This year has seen just two cases, one in Afghanistan and another in Pakistan.
And so, Karen invited the club to be collaborative. When club projects align with Rotary’s strategic plan, they can receive support in the form of district matches.
Karen laid out a calendar for the year, including TriCon in collaboration with Wisconsin’s other districts, to be held at the The Osthoff.
She encouraged the members to take action to creating lasting change and to provide leadership through transitions as they reach that change. All the while, be innovate and allow yourself to serve at the level you can, Karen said.
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Other news:
-Joel Brennan, Wisconsin’s Department of Administration secretary, took a few minutes to describe the DOA’s role. Joel is visiting communities around the state, along with businesses that received federal funds to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.
-Food for Kidz is this Sunday at the High School Commons.
-Rotary Lights setup has begun.
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Anniversaries: Oct. 19, David and Candace May.
Greeters: Oct. 14, Mark McFarland and Nick Mischler; Oct. 21, Linda Olson and Cindy Patzner; Oct. 28, Danny Paul and Ken Pesik.